About Us

Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL) is a private company and a leading enterprise with innovative ICT services and solutions provider in Bangladesh established in November 1999. EATL has developed partnership and collaborations with Bangladesh based companies, private sector organizations, NGOs, donors, Government and also some of the world's renowned IT expertise organization such as IBM, Sun Oracle (infrastructural partner), TeleTalk, CityCell, GrameenPhone, Six Dee Telecom Solutions and many others for developing technology and efficient solutions.

EATL’s business strategy combines application support, system design, database administration, feasibility study, software development, hardware solution, training, social media consultancy and ICT services in development sectors as well. EATL launched the first ever mobile application store in Bangladesh in 2012 which is branded as ‘EATLApps’. EATL has launched country’s largest mobile application development contest known as ‘EATL-ProthomAlo Mobile Apps Development Contest’ for searching the brightest talents in Bangladesh.

EATL Expertise’s
a. Expertise in Developing Android Mobile Apps.
b. Expertise in Developing Online Application using PHP.
c. Capacity to Develop System to Visualise Data and Link with Google Map.
d. Specialised in Developing Info. Systems for Monitoring and Decision Making.
e. Able to Handle Comprehensive Database.
f. Able to Build and Maintain Properly Linux Server.
g. Experienced in Working with INGO.
EATL Strategies & Focus Areas
a. Mobile Applications development and Mobile App store.
b. WEB based MIS and data management system.
c. Mobile Voice call, call center/OBD/IVR/location based services.
d. ERP modules for social, development & business sectors.
e. Hospital Management Information system.
f. Knowledge management and program implementation.
g. Automated monitoring & evaluation system.


EATL Growth and Strategic Revolution in ICT
a. EATL launched mobile Apps Store in 2012 & branded as “EATLApps”.
b. Ever first mobile apps store with Bangla apps, focused on local context & needs.
c. Developers are main stakeholders & will earn revenue as int’l policy.
d. Developed collaboration with free lancers, ICT professionals & govt. for supporting development & business sectors.
e. Contributing in national goal of digital Bangladesh.
f. EATL runs mobile application development contest nationwide each year to find the brightest talents and train them to be a professional world class mobile application developer.
g. This year EATL is running the app competition where The Daily ProthomAlo is the title partner along with Ministry of ICT (MOICT), ROBI, Channel I and many top bodies from different sector.
h. EATL collaborates with govt. bodies, local media, top industry professionals and other vital organizations so that we can promote the potential talents to the right place.