OBD, Voice Call Broadcasting

EATL's OBD service gives the power to create target-based marketing campaigns rapidly and cost-effectively in the mobile media. The Outbound Dialer solution is a marketing and advertising platform that manages reports and optimizes all types of consumer-brand communications on the mobile handset. The advantages of this solution are Consumer profiling and targeting, rule-based campaign logic, integrated browsing/messaging mechanics, rich media and end-to-end reporting and analytics.

Key Benefits:


The solution is a powerful open ended platform, which helps deliver information over voice channel. Authorized personal can upload the information and can deliver it over voice channel by dialing to subscribers. The OBD solution can be used to do Online promotions. External systems can trigger OBD platform based on some predefined events (called trigger points). When the OBD platform receives the trigger, it validates the information passed from external system. Once the validation is successful, the OBD platform dials out the customer/s with pre-defined message.

This feature can be used for: